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Jim Burnworth of Western Extreme Shares a Broadhead Tuning Tip

It?s August, do you know where your broadheads are landing?

Right now is the time to get you, your bow and your broadheads on the same page. Jim Burnworth, Bowtech Ambassador, has over 1,000 big game kills, including 74 elk. If anyone knows the importance of having your mind, body and bow in sync, it?s Jim.

He takes his gear very seriously; some might say too seriously. But that?s what you need to do when you chase the amount of big game we see him harvesting on Western Extreme.

Here are some factors to consider right now as the season creeps closer.

Is Your Gear Playing Well Together?

Take stock of what you?re using this season. Have you picked out your arrows? Do you know what broadheads you?re going to fling? Most importantly, can your bow actually be tuned to them?

That?s right, we asked if your bow can be tuned to your gear. It?s something so fundamental but usually taken for granted.

Jim is a driving force behind Bowtech?s #SmartBow campaign touting the ability to tune a bowstring to any arrow, broadhead or rest. The idea is that you can tune cam lean on both top and bottom cams resulting in perfect nock travel. If you?ve never explored the hazards of horizontal nock travel, check out this tuning segment from Bowtech.

Where?s Your Confidence Level?

Burnworth flexes his mind as much as his body. Once you?ve gotten your bow paper tuned to your arrows and favorite broadheads, your next step is to get your confidence up by shooting it effectively.

Get that target setup, pull out the rangefinder, and start putting together tighter groups at farther distances. Here?s a great tuning tip from Jim.


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Jim Burnworth of Western Extreme Shares a Broadhead Tuning Tip