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Jet Ski Fishing is Another Reason Why Fishing Boats Are Overrated

YouTube/Brett Barley

For those who think that jet ski's are just for zooming around on a summer afternoon, think again.

Jet ski fishing is the real deal and it's better than owning a fishing boat.

Anyone whose owned a fishing boat will tell you that it's not always as glamorous as it seems. They're very costly and constantly require maintenance which takes away from your time fishing offshore. In the spirit of innovation, some anglers have slimmed down their fishing vessel and have transitioned to something more fuel efficient and problem free, jet ski fishing.

Check out this angler's offshore jet ski setup as he has a successful day landing tons of Mahi and Cobia.

No doubt that jet ski fishing trip was a huge success! Awesome trolling setup Brett and way to integrate a fish finder onto that machine.

If you're going to offshore for your next jet ski fishing trip, definitely consider packing some solid UV protection as well. With no canopies or cabins, fishing from a jet ski can get you scorched if you're not wearing the right gear. Definitely consider a long sleeved shirt that integrates UPF 50 protection for hot days out on the open ocean.

Another key piece of gear to always keep nearby is a fishing face-mask or neck gator. Check out the awesome gear line-up from Hoo-rag. Their products are extremely durable, come in a variety of patterns and will protect you from the harshest of days on the water.


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Jet Ski Fishing is Another Reason Why Fishing Boats Are Overrated