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Jet Ski Tries to Run Down Tanker, Gets Owned

jet ski

Some dude with a death wish tried to jet ski up beside an ocean liner and nearly got his ass run over.

You know, when Evel Knievel jumped over stuff, it was crazy, but he knew what he was doing. “Calculated risk,” they call it, not “be stupid and die.”

This genius on a jet ski tries to take on something a bit bigger than he is and gets a serious lesson in humility. Watch a life experience not to try.

See that dude scrambling to reattach the kill switch? What needs reattaching is his head to his brain. Those ocean-going vessels displace and move tremendous amounts of water, and smaller craft get caught in that water like a whirlpool.

Jokes aside, don’t try this…. ever! Stay away from such large ships, even if it looks safe. That guy got caught underwater and almost didn’t resurface.

Lesson learned (I hope).


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Jet Ski Tries to Run Down Tanker, Gets Owned