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Jet Collides With Deer, and Things Go As Predicted

A small jet carrying only one person, the pilot, collided with a deer on the runway at the Burlington-Alamance Regional Airport mid-August.

The crash was not fatal for the pilot, but did leave behind some damage, says the Times News.

The jet, a Pilatus PC12/45, was not hurt by the collision. The fuel tank ruptured and spilled about 100-150 gallons of fuel onto the runway.

The collision happened very early in the morning on August 14 during takeoff; the plane was headed to New Jersey.

Laboratory Corporation of America, or LabCorp, owned the jet. LabCorp takes multiple trips from the runway per day. Their headquarters are located in Burlington, North Carolina and they have a network of 36 laboratories around the United States. Their main focus is on health care labs.

Airport Executive Director Dan Danieley said in an interview that deer are not an anomaly in this area of North Carolina, but there hasn’t been an incident like this before.

And no, the deer did not make it out of the collision alive. According to Danieley, the deer is “dead and buried.”

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Jet Collides With Deer, and Things Go As Predicted