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Jessica the Hippo is Just Like Any Other Pet, Except Not

The word ‘pet’ is a such a general term and we’ve seen anything from foxes to goats to kittens. Well, meet Jessica the hippo.

Rescued by a South African family after a near-death experience with treacherous floodwaters, Jessica the Hippo has become one of the family, quite literally.

Watch as she casually strolls into the house, mainly the kitchen, since she’s already broken a bed frame and sofa. Oops, Jessica.

“I consider Jessica my daughter, 100 percent,” the matriarch of the family tells Sky News. And daughter this hippo is, as Jessica has magically captured the hearts of this quite brave South African family. She even gets riverside refreshment service during her afternoon swims!

Hippos are incredibly intelligent, and Jessica proves that by showing she knows exactly how to open the front door. However, it’s important to point out that Jessica isn’t in captivity with the family and often spends time with the hippos down the block, well I mean the river. She always returns home, though.

Maybe that’s because all she has to do to get delicious food is literally open her massive mouth and wait. She even gets her own massages each night, complete with bright pink bedding. I think Jessica the Hippo lives a better life than most of us.

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Jessica the Hippo is Just Like Any Other Pet, Except Not