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Jessica Hook Shows Us How It’s Done [VIDEO]

Jessica Hook is a real gem on the range. She outshines many of her fellow competitors.

Think you can shoot well? Wait until a girl shows you how it’s really done.

Jessica Hook is one of those shooting sports competitors that can turn your head, for all of the right reasons. She is dominating a sport that has formally been predominantly male. She can run the shooting range course with authority, and can compete with full caliber powered loads that many might say are not female-friendly due to recoil and noise.

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Jessica is the new face of the American shooting sports. Our future is held with the newest generation that has been raised to handle firearms with knowledge. Spouses and daughters are following us to the range and into the woods to learn our hunting and shooting legacy.

To Jessica and all of the other female hunters, shooting sports competitors and outdoorswomen, I say thank you very much and I am proud to share our great sports together. Unity will guarantee our great American rights are never lost.

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Jessica Hook Shows Us How It’s Done [VIDEO]