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Jesse Griffiths Takes This Hog From Field to Table in “Full Boar”

Jesse Griffiths makes his living preparing locally sourced food for his restaurant “Dai Due.” In “Full Boar,” he shows just how tasty a wild hog can be.

Griffiths said in a 2012 interview: “it seems that in this country, hunting is much more associated with gun culture than food culture, and I’d like to change that.”

In an effort to show one of his line cooks the total process behind preparing a meal, Jesse Griffiths takes his protege out hog hunting. Griffiths, like many hunters, considers the kill shot as the halfway point in the hunting process and goes on to show the line cook how to skin, butcher, and prepare the animal he harvested.

Watch the video to see what this locavore hunter is able to do with a wild hog.

Changing non-hunters’ views on hunting from “they’re going out to shoot something” to “they’re going out to collect food” goes a long way toward breeding acceptance of our hunting traditions. Therefore, hunters should always strive to use every possible piece of any animal they harvest just like the hunters shown in the video.

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Jesse Griffiths Takes This Hog From Field to Table in “Full Boar”