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Jerry Miculek’s Day is Better Than Yours [VIDEO]

Jerry Miculek shooting

Jerry Miculek’s day might be one of the most manly in all of history.

Known as one of the best revolver shooters in the world, and definitely one of the fastest, Jerry Miculek’s day might just interest you.

With his morning routine of brushing his teeth and getting breakfast, he is just getting warmed up for the day. Other important things that a renowned shooter includes loading and of course, shooting practice.

Join Jerry Miculek for a sample of what his days are like in this hilarious video.


The video had barely started before I was laughing. Using oil instead of toothpaste definitely qualifies as manly. Of course, it is important for a speed shooter to stay loose. That is where the WD-40 comes into the equation.

My favorite part was probably Jerry Miculek’s breakfast. I think I also need a breakfast toucan now.

Of course, the official video disclaimer is important to remember:

This video is just for fun. DO NOT try anything you see. No alcohol was consumed and no toucans were harmed in the making of it.

If that disclaimer doesn’t make you want to watch this video then nothing will.

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Jerry Miculek’s Day is Better Than Yours [VIDEO]