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Jerry Miculek Shoots a Folding Stock M1 Carbine [VIDEO]

This folding stock M1 carbine is a flawless copy of the WWII original.

U.S. paratroopers were sent into battle toting folding stock M1 carbines just like the one in this video. Miculek passes on the words of his father-in-law, a WWII veteran who said, “You saw M1 Garandes. You saw Thompsons. You saw BARs on the ground, but you never saw a .30 carbine without a soldier holding it.”

Watch as Jerry Miculek puts it through its paces.

Good shooting as usual, Jerry!

That was impressive. This carbine looks like it would be perfect for home defense as well as shooting on the range. I’d also love to see what Miculek could do to a bunch of wild hogs with one of these carbines.

To learn more about the carbine shown in the video or to find out where to purchase one of your own visit

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Jerry Miculek Shoots a Folding Stock M1 Carbine [VIDEO]