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Jerry Miculek Shares His All-Time Top Five Favorite Guns

Jerry Miculek Iver Johnson 5 Shot Revolver

Deemed “the Greatest Shooter of All-Time”, Jerry Miculek, has shared his top five favorite guns, including the first firearm he ever owned.

If Muhammed Ali wanted to share with us his top five favorite boxing gloves or Barry Bonds wanted spilled the beans on his top five baseball bats, we would all close our mouths, open our ears and greet them with a pen and paper to secure the memory. This video is no different. Jerry Miculek, known for his world records in speed and performance shooting, shares with us his all-time top five guns.

Very simple of a video, but with the history that this man holds, listening to him describe each gun and it’s meaning to him makes this list legendary. The passion this artists holds for his metaphorical paintbrushes gives us all a sense of pride knowing a guns meaning is much deeper than formed metal.

Sometimes value cannot be measured in Dollar signs and Jerry Miculek proves that to be true. We’ve covered several topics of Jerry Miculek shooting in the past, but knowing his all-time favorite guns is priceless information. What are your favorite guns that you own? Do you own any of the guns that Jerry shared here in the video?



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Jerry Miculek Shares His All-Time Top Five Favorite Guns