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Jerry Miculek Rocks the FN SCAR 16s Rifle in Slow Mo

Watch as Jerry Miculek puts the FN SCAR 16s rifle through its paces in this video.

The FN SCAR 16s rifle is the civilianized version of the FN Herstal combat rifle that was developed on request and carried by elite light infantry and special operations soldiers.

Jerry Miculek gives a rundown on the rifle and puts it through some live fire short and long range work.

That was an impressive demonstration of a no-nonsense combat rifle. FN Herstal does not mess around when it puts its mind to a firearm. With decades of experience producing rifles, pistols and machineguns for leading NATO countries, they ensure every gun they produce is well engineered and has gone through extreme testing.

They are the benchmark for combat proven reliability and the SCAR 16s rifle brings that tough engineering to the sport shooter in a 5.56mm rifle that will meet your range and personnel defense needs.



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Jerry Miculek Rocks the FN SCAR 16s Rifle in Slow Mo