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Jerry Miculek Breaks Another Record with a Barrett M107 [VIDEO]

Here we go again; watch as Jerry Miculek fires six shots with a Barrett M107 in under a second.

We’ve shared a glimpse of Miculek’s amazing shooting and firearm videos, and it was about time we shared some more.

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The greatest part of nearly all of Jerry’s videos is that they aren’t merely neat, must-watch clips; they’re, for the most part, world record-breaking feats, captured with high-speed HD cameras.

That’s an equation for gun nut required viewing, in our opinion.

Without further delay, here’s one of Miculek’s latest records, this time with a high-powered Barrett M107.

Pretty impressive, right? The M107 was first introduced by Barrett as the M95 bolt-action sniper rifle, but was beefed up for military use, specifically for material targets, like communications equipment, computers, oil stores and even lightly armored vehicles and parked aircraft.

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What’s the most impressive shooting record you’ve seen broken?

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Jerry Miculek Breaks Another Record with a Barrett M107 [VIDEO]