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Jerry Miculek and ‘Nubs’ the No-Handed Shooter Hit the Range

no-handed shooter

Hunter Cayll has no hands, and is probably a better shooter than you! You have to see this no-handed shooter in action.

Jerry Miculek seems to never disappoint us with his interesting and amazing shooting videos. In this new one, he introduces us to Hunter Cayll, “Nubs,” who was born without hands. But before you feel sorry for this no-handed shooter, just watch and see how good this no-handed shooter really is!

It’s hard to find someone who can challenge Jerry Miculek in shooting with two hands, let alone none! I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly impressed. I know Hunter could out-shoot me easily and I know people with two hands that can’t control a firearm as smoothly as Hunter does in this video. It’s really interesting to use the unique techniques he’s adapted to.

Gotta agree with Jerry here in that I don’t feel too sorry for this guy, it’s definitely an inspiration seeing how this no-handed shooter doesn’t let a lack of hands hold him back. Thanks for the inspiration Hunter, and thanks Jerry Miculek, for introducing us to Hunter!

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Jerry Miculek and ‘Nubs’ the No-Handed Shooter Hit the Range