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Jerry Miculek Meets the ARX100 [VIDEO]

Watch the master, Jerry Miculek, put the Beretta ARX100 through its paces. Stay tuned for some sweet slo-mo gun action with explosives.

The ARX100 is Beretta’s modern battle rifle offering, chambered in 5.56 NATO, and weighing in at 6.8 pounds.

Miculek is a true master, as seen here. After getting the rifle out of the box and sighting it in, he proceeds to punish the course with astonishing speed. He even has some fun with “incenerary” (incendiary) rounds. Nice job, Jerry.

His rifle came with a stiff 10.5-pound trigger, the sign of a service rifle. Unlike the AR-15, the ARX100 has a folding stock and comes from the factory fully ambidextrous. The magazine release, charging handle that reciprocates, and case ejection can all swap to either side of the gun without tools.

Though it accepts standard AR-15 magazines, the ARX100 may not accept Magpul PMAGs due to the increased thickness.

The ARX is made to compete with other modern battle rifles such as the FN SCAR, Bushmaster/Remington ACR, and the IWI Tavor.

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Jerry Miculek Meets the ARX100 [VIDEO]