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Jep Robertson and Silencerco Join Forces to Fight the Noise [VIDEO]

Learn how Duck Commander Jep Robertson and SilencerCo are teaming up to fight the noise.

Being a Robertson, Jep loves all things hunting, shooting, and guns. One thing he doesn’t like is wearing hearing protection.

Installing ear plugs and pulling them out over and over again was wearing on him, until he discovered SilencerCo suppressorsand fell in love.

Fight the Noise is a campaign started by SilencerCo and backed by Jep Robertson to end the stigma placed on silencers. Jep and the company are looking to bring regulations placed on silencers in 1934 into the 21st Century.

To join Jep and SilencerCo in the Fight the Noise campaign and speak your mind about hearing damaging firearms and the fact that owning a silencer is not a criminal offense simply visit the SilencerCo website to receive a free #FIGHTTHENOISE sticker then post a picture displaying the sticker to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #FIGHTTHENOISE.

Supporters of the Fight the Noise cause can also sign up for giveaways and be eligible for free gear.

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Jep Robertson and Silencerco Join Forces to Fight the Noise [VIDEO]