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Jellyfish Are Invading Britain! [VIDEO]

These jellyfish swarming the British coastline are incredible! 

America sure isn’t the only place enjoying nice spring weather. All along the British coastline, large barrel jellyfish have begun swarming the beaches and shoreline soaking up as much of the warmer water as they can. Reports from fishermen have been pouring in of swarms of these six-foot-long jellyfish in schools that are up to one mile long.

In this video and report posted by the Daily Mail, you can see one of these jellyfish interact with a diver off the British coast.

Scientists say that these large jellyfish can’t really hurt people with their stings but swimmers should still try to avoid them.

I think that if I was swimming and one, or 1,000, of these jellyfish were swarming near me, I wouldn’t need a scientist to tell me to stay away from them.

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Jellyfish Are Invading Britain! [VIDEO]