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The JazzBall Will Change How You Take off Your Fly Fishing Waders

Wet fly fishing waders are no longer a problem. 

Every now and then an idea pops up that make you stare in disbelief that you didn’t think of it first. Enter the JazzBall.

This idea came to us from Jazz & Fly Fishing. Håvard Stubø is featured in the video as he explain his concept of keeping his brand new car clean once he is off the river by revolutionizing how we approach our wet fly fishing waders.

Watch in disbelief that you weren’t doing this already.

Yeah…no kidding right! If only there was a way to patent this method of keeping your vehicle safe from the perils of mud, mildew, and sand that often accompany wet fly fishing waders. Even if there isn’t a patent, may it forever be known that Stubø was the originator of this marvel idea.

If there is one thing I get more grief than anything from my wife after I leave the water, it’s the condition of the back of our Jeep when I’m done. I normally just keep everything in a tub so they can dry, but now, the JazzBall just might have solved all my problems.

Will the JazzBall be making an appearance at a stream near you?



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The JazzBall Will Change How You Take off Your Fly Fishing Waders