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Jaw-Dropping Morning Tarpon Fishing Action [VIDEO]

tarpon fishing

If you’re any type of angler, this tarpon fishing insanity will get your heart pumping. Period.

When the tarpon fishing is good, it’s good. This particular morning looked spectacular. Plenty of big and aggressive fish doing aerial stunts. As an angler, what’s not to love?

The video was filmed at Tapam Jungle Lodge in Nicaragua, and the shots are unbelievable. Check it out below.

I think you’ll agree after seeing this tarpon fishing video that we all should consider a trip to Nicaragua to get in on this action.

Tarpon can weigh from 40 to 150 pounds on average, and some of these ones look well within that range. Most anglers use live shrimp or pinfish as bait, but plastics and streamers work well too.

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Jaw-Dropping Morning Tarpon Fishing Action [VIDEO]