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Japanese Whaling Fleet Sails Again

When to call the “scientific” Japanese whaling fleet program exactly what it is – commercial fishing.

According to the Australian Broadcast Company, the Japanese whaling fleet has restarted operations in the northwest Pacific for the first time since the UN’s highest court banned Tokyo’s so-called scientific whaling program in the Antarctic.

So-called? When I bought my boat it was a so called “mid-life crisis,” when in fact I just wanted a boat.

In the ABC piece, Japanese Fisheries Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said, “Japan is surrounded by sea and we take protein from marine products and use them sustainably. This is our principle and won’t change.”

Now, in my dusty little corner of the world that sounds suspiciously like “We kill whales and eat them and we ain’t gonna stop.”

But what do I know?

As a further example of tongue and cheek (or should I say whale tongue and blubber), look no further than a statement by Katsuya Ogawa of  the Japanese Democratic party who said “We cannot take a weak attitude and end the traditions of research whaling. Let’s unite and fight in order to protect whaling culture and its food traditions.”

I mean, really? Did he say food traditions? Don’t people generally eat stuff they call food? Does the right side of this guy’s mouth even know what the left side is saying?

In my book this ranks right up there with carbon credits, and don’t even getting me started on that environmental nonsense.

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When will people stop being afraid to call a spade a shovel? The Japanese are killing whales and calling it research, which to me is total road apples.

For more information about the whale and dolphin harvest and the insane things they do with the mercury laden meat check out this article from The Daily Beast.

In the meantime, while I’m waiting for someone to stand up against this, I think I’ll try the whooping crane fillet and bald eagle eggs, please… It’s all just research, right?


Featured image via Australian Customs Service

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Japanese Whaling Fleet Sails Again