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Janna Reeves Runs a Shotgun Like a Boss! [VIDEO]


Sometimes a girl just needs a shotgun.

Blasting her way to victory in the Remington Versamax Shotgun Championship this past weekend, MissBattleBorn herself, Janna Reeves takes her first divisional win. A rising star in the 3 Gun world, Janna is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

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In the video below, Janna runs Stage 2 like it was nothing. Let's follow along with her in the stage.

She says in the video's description: "Each time I load, I grab 4 at a time from my belt and load them in pairs. I start with 9 shells in the gun here, and I load a total of 12 rounds, with the last 4 being buckshot - the steel at the end were optional bird or buck, and the 2 paper were mandatory buck. The extended mag tube is what makes it (the shotgun) so long! We use them for competition since greater capacity = less reloading = faster."

Even in the mud and muck, Janna still manages to run that shotgun like a boss! Talented and resourceful, she is someone to watch in the upcoming 3 Gun Season. Congratulations to Janna for her first Divisional Win!

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Janna Reeves Runs a Shotgun Like a Boss! [VIDEO]