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Jamie Hyneman Shows Off High-Pressure Air Gun [VIDEO]

Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman likes air guns…really big air guns.

Check out this video from Tested of Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman showing off his Eclipse Pneumatic Launcher with various types of ammo.

Make sure you watch until the end to see Jamie show off and test fire some less than conventional ammunition from the launcher.

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According to the Eclipse Pneumatic Launcher website, “The Eclipse launchers are capable of launching projectiles typically used in other less-lethal launchers without the need for a shell casing, primer or gunpowder charge. This drastically reduces operating costs and the case-less ammunition reduces the overall weight the operator must carry.”

Designed with riot control in mind, the Eclipse Pneumatic Launcher has six barrels and an integral air supply similar to those found in paintball guns. The projectile velocity is adjustable on the fly to allow for different firing distances.

Judging by how easily the small rubber balls in the video go through the safety blanket, I certainly don’t want to ever be on the receiving end of one of these bad boys. The Eclipse Pneumatic Launcher takes the idea of potato cannons to a whole new level; especially in the hands of Jamie Hyneman.

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Jamie Hyneman Shows Off High-Pressure Air Gun [VIDEO]