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Jake Peavy Scratched from Spring Training Start Thanks to Fishing Knife

Jake Peavy was scratched from a start because he cut himself with a fishing knife.

There are always a few humorous sports injuries that cause pro athletes to be benched from avoidable mishaps. Whether it’s a sneeze that throws out their back or a broken hand from punching a wall, we can’t help but snicker when we hear about the latest.

But when the latest includes a fishing knife and a pitcher’s cut finger, we snicker then share it with you.

Benched from Fishing Injury

Benched from Fishing InjuryJake Peavy shows the bandage on his left index finger, which he cut with a fishing knife. Photo via

That’s what happened to Jake Peavy, the Boston Red Sox pitcher before he was slated for his first Spring Training start in Fort Myers, Florida, according to WEEI-FM Boston.

Here’s the story from Peavy himself:

“I promised my little boy I would take him fishing so we went to Bass Pro [Shops] and we bought us some rods and reels that were combo’€™d. Trying to cut the wire tie that was holding them together. Using the knife with my right hand and holding the rod with my left and when I broke the wire tie it struck the knuckle pretty good.

“It’€™s a bummer. I didn’€™t think it was that crazy bad to the point I didn’€™t seek medical attention. That day we wrapped it up and went fishing. I came in here yesterday and realized we needed to have it stitched up and we would have to take some precautionary measures. You just don’€™t want to risk infection. I could go out and play today if it was a must, but you can’€™t risk infection and let it sweat. And me not getting it tended to right off the bat, you just don’€™t want to get it infected and that’€™s the reason we’€™re going to hold off a day or two.”

“It was more of a jab, when I came through, it was a brand-new knife out of the packet, which is huge as well,” he said. “I had just bought the knife. It was big, it was a brand-new knife, pretty sterile. But a brand-new knife, it was pretty sharp as well.”

Regarding his return, Peavy added, “I don’€™t think it’€™s going to be long at all. I would like to get out play some catch and do some stuff tomorrow. The biggest thing is they’€™re not going to let me sweat until the healing process takes over. I believe I’€™m going to play catch and I would love to tell you I’€™m going to make my next start. That’€™s certainly what I’€™m aiming for and hopefully we can do that and get back on schedule and it doesn’€™t mess things up too much.”

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And what about his fishing success? “You know what? We didn’t catch anything,” he said. “The funny part about it was when we showed up over at [fellow Boston pitcher John Lackey’s house] – we went fishing over at Lack’s. I got over there, and when I pulled the knife, when the knife came out of me, I hit a little vein, so it was pretty bloody. Blood got all over my shorts, but I’d promised my little boy that I was going to take him fishing, and that’s why I didn’t seek attention. I’d promised my five-year-old. Y’all saw my older two. I bring them with me every day. But I leave him, and all he wanted to do was fish.

So really, was fishing more important than baseball? “We’d already been to Bass Pro. It was about 5:30. We’ve got an hour before dark. And so I had to wrap it up and I just wrapped it up and we went over to Lack’s, and when I got over to Lack’s, I had to throw my shorts away. I just wore the same ones. They go, ‘What in the world?’ I said, ‘I cut my hand.’ They were like, ‘You probably ought to get that looked at.’ Someone was going to do it in the morning. I couldn’t tell my five-year-old I didn’t want to go fishing anymore. It was his last day here. I couldn’t say, ‘We’ll go tomorrow.’ It wasn’t the biggest deal in the world. Not much we could have done except — the biggest thing was, they were freaking out, thinking I was cleaning fish with the knife, and then…”

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Well then, if fishing with his son took priority over a Spring Training start, we totally understand, Jake.

What’s the oddest fishing injury you’ve suffered? Share your story below in the comments.

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Jake Peavy Scratched from Spring Training Start Thanks to Fishing Knife