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JackFish Survival Credit Card Holder: Designed to Get You Through Anything

All photos and videos courtesy of JackFish's KickStarter

The JackFish has the tools to help you accomplish tasks around the office or out in the bush.

All woodsmen love items that are tough and have multi uses. The JackFish credit card holder definitely fits this category and then some.

While there are numerous “credit card” tools on the market that you can just slide in your wallet, they are only so useful. The JackFish is in a league all of its own and was built to replace your current wallet for something a little cooler.

See it in action in the video below.

This compact credit card holder is lightweight and hides 11 different items. Not only does it have basic tools like screwdrivers and hex bits, but numerous wilderness survival items.

Card Holder Specs: 

  • Hard anodized aluminum construction.
  • Titanium spring-powered card slot capable of holding four credit cards.
  • Individual tool slots for each tool

Tool Breakdown:

Basic Tool

  • Micro screwdriver flat head with 0.8mm tip
  • Titanium-coated Pozi drive standard hex bit
  • Titanium-coated flat head standard hex bit (5mm width)
  • Kingston micro SD card reader
  • True Utility Telescoping pen with cap

Wilderness Survival

  • 120 decibel aluminium whistle
  • Glass vial capable of holding 10 drops of water purification liquid
  • Windproof match with striker
  • Firesteel
  • SpyderCo Bug Knife
  • Liquid Filled Button Compass


The Jackfish also comes with a paracord lanyard, three spare matches, and three extra pen refills.

While this amazing little card holder is probably going to be on the wish list of every survival lover out there, it has yet to hit the production line. It is currently on KickStarter finishing up an extremely successful campaign. Originally only needing $30,000, they are already over $100,000 with a week left to go.

If you act quickly you can still pick one up before you have to wait until they are available for retail. The only catch if you wait until it hits the market is that a lot of the tools will be sold separately from the card holder itself.

All photos and videos courtesy of JackFish’s KickStarter.

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JackFish Survival Credit Card Holder: Designed to Get You Through Anything