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Jack O'Connor: The Famous Gun Writer and Father of the .270 Winchester

Jack O'Connor

The late and great Mr. Jack O'Connor brought much to the hunting and shooting world.

Born in 1902 in the state of Arizona, Jack was able to see the end of the great Old West days but living until 1978 he saw great modern hurdles overcome such as the moon landing. When he was a boy, the old timers such as Geronimo, Annie Oakley, Bat Masterson, Buffalo Bill Cody and Wyatt Earp were still alive.

Jack O'Connor

Jack lied about his age when he was 15 to join the army in World War One, but was discharged with tuberculosis soon after wards.

Jack O'Connor

Interestingly, Mr. O'Connor became an English professor at the University of Arizona. His first articles were in Field and Stream Magazine and also Sports Afield. Ultimately, Jack landed a job as firearms editor at Outdoor Life Magazine. His passion for the outdoors, hunting, firearms, and big game animals had no equal, and he wrote about them all for his millions of readers to learn about and enjoy.

Gun Digest

Jack O'Connor stressed bullet placement and was extremely fond of the .270 Winchester caliber, which he helped to invent. Other outdoor writers were suspicious of this smaller caliber cartridge, such as co-worker Elmer Keith, and a proponent of larger calibers.

Jack O'Connor passed in 1978, but has left us with great writings of his time that we still cherish today. Look up his books and writings, and relive the old days when Jack O'Connor hunted near and far and shared his great stories with us.

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Jack O'Connor: The Famous Gun Writer and Father of the .270 Winchester