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It’s Time You Learn How to Shave with an Axe

how to shave with an axe
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If you think you are ready to achieve true outdoorsman status and don’t know how to shave with an axe then you still have much to learn.

To truly be considered an outdoorsmen there are a certain number of things you should be capable of doing. Starting a fire, building a shelter, catching your own meal, and shaving with an axe are just a few of those things… Okay knowing how to shave with an axe is not traditionally on that list but after you know how, you’ll be the envy of hunting camp.

This video comes from Mark over at Instructables and is actually easier than it would first seem. The most important part, as with any shave, is to make sure that your blade is as clean and sharp as humanly possible. If you take care of that in the correct way, then the rest is just taking your time and being a little extra careful with the axe to make sure there are no sudden movements with such a large blade near your face and neck.

So, if knowing how to shave with an axe was a qualifier to be considered a true outdoorsman how many of you would make the cut? And even more importantly, how many of you will be giving this a shot sometime soon?

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It’s Time You Learn How to Shave with an Axe