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It's Official! Here's the New Nebraska Bighorn Sheep Record

Image via Justin Haag/Nebraskaland

In an expected announcement, this Nebraska bighorn sheep is in the record books.

Late last year, we posted a piece about a man that harvested a Nebraska bighorn sheep of pretty epic proportions. At the time, it was speculated that after the required 60-day drying period for the rack, the sheep would break the state record. Now, a little more than the 60 odd required days later, it's finally official.

Terry Bogle was one of two hunters that were lucky enough to win the state lottery system for drawing a bighorn sheep tag out of 2,300 hunters that applied.


The final registered score of the big Nebraska bighorn sheep came in at 190 5/8, which was actually slightly bigger than the 189 that was scored shortly after the harvest. The previous record had been standing since 1998, which was actually taken during the first year bighorn sheep hunting was allowed back in the state.

Today, it is estimated that are some 360 bighorn sheep currently in Nebraska. Through the state lottery drawing system and hunter engagement, that number has only been increasing. Hunters will be allowed to apply for the 2016 lottery starting on April 18th. According to the report, the hunting season will take place November 29th and last until December 22nd.

If you are going to put in for the tag you better cross your fingers. Only one tag will be drawn.


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It's Official! Here's the New Nebraska Bighorn Sheep Record