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It's Not Easy Being a Bear in Avalanche Country


It's not always easy being a grizzly bear - especially during avalanche season.

Grizzlies are the largest carnivore in the Lower 48, but they're still no match for an avalanche. As seen in this video from Discovery, even these alpha-predators must watch their step.

The bears hibernate in dens in the high peaks of the Rockies. They'll spend up to six months in the den escaping from the cold, harsh winter. But, when spring does arrive, they're still not in the clear.

Upon emerging from the den, the big bears need to find their way to low country where there's less snow and more food. The rising temperatures cause changes in the snow pack, which can lead to large avalanches.

The bears must choose their decent wisely, which isn't always easy with newborns and yearlings in tow. The massive snow slides give no warning, but once on the bottom, the grizzlies are relatively safe for another year.


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It's Not Easy Being a Bear in Avalanche Country