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It’s a Frog-Eat-Frog, Fisherman-Kisses-Frog World

frog eats frog

Giant frog inhales a frog lure, and frog kissing ensues.

Dave Mercer is one of my favorite fishing personalities – his Facts of Fishing videos are always entertaining and educational. And sometimes pretty gross.

This is one of the latter.

Mercer kissed a frog. I get it. It’s part of the show. But seriously? I found that a big disgusting — in a funny way. Almost as funny as watching him cringe when he had to touch the frog.

Truth be told, I’ve also caught frogs while bass fishing. The frogs in a local pond I used to fish with my wife would chase down a floating worm dragged over the slop and snatch it up. I never made her kiss one though.

Although I’m not sure she wouldn’t have been used to kissing frogs after hanging with me for awhile anyway.



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It’s a Frog-Eat-Frog, Fisherman-Kisses-Frog World