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Italian Veterinarian Fired After Lion Hunting Photos Emerge Online

The Telegraph

An Italian veterinarian became the newest target of online hate campaign after hunting photos surface.

It's been roughly five months since Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who shot the lion known as "Cecil," became the target of world anger over the act. Now, it appears anti-hunting groups have set their sights on a new target: an Italian veterinarian, Luciano Ponzetto.

While Palmer eventually returned to working at his Minnesota practice, Ponzetto wasn't as lucky. The Telegraph reports he was fired from his job as medical director of a kennel in Caluso Italy. He held the job for 16 years.

The decision from the association that ran the kennels came after photos emerged online of Ponzetto with a lion and warthog he shot several years prior. Much like Palmer, Ponzetto was soon flooded with hate messages and death threats.

The fury over the photos apparently attracted so much media attention that Ponzetto was fired soon after. In a statement, the kennels took what appears to be a firm anti-hunting stance.

"We are totally opposed to any form of hunting or abuse of animals, whether they be wild or domestic," the kennels said in a statement to the Telegraph.

Ponzetto responded with a short and simple statement thanking his employers: "I thank the kennels for the faith they have invested in me over the years."

What will happen next seems uncertain at this point, but if you've ever hunted these big game animals, you might want to avoid posting them online, as history seems to repeat itself.

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Italian Veterinarian Fired After Lion Hunting Photos Emerge Online