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Italian Farmer Killed by Pet Stag in Rut

No matter what anyone tell you, a pet stag is a terrible idea!

You know the bucks are in the middle of rut when you start hearing stories of people getting attacked. However, this story takes place in Italy with a pet stag. Marco Coppini, 68, an Italian farmer was tending to his chickens when he noticed a fox sleeking in his yard.

What happened next involved a police investigation.

Coppini grabbed his rifle and fired a few shots at the fox. His pet deer, a 4-year-old stag named Barabba, then jumped his enclosure and gored Coppini causing injuries so bad, it resulted in his death.

The stag was believed to be in rut, its annual hormonal surge during which he has one objective: reproduction with a female. Coppini may have been viewed as a rival.

Coppini’s brother-in-law called the police after finding his body shortly after the incident. A quick police investigation concluded that Barabba in fact caused the man’s death due to copious amount of blood still on its rack and in its hoof prints.

The authorities took into consideration that the gunshots probably riled up the stag causing it to attack the man. According to the report, the stag is actually very gentle. During the course of the investigation, it was licking the officers and allowing them to pet it.

Barabba has since been taken to a nature preserve where it will live out the rest of its natural life.


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Italian Farmer Killed by Pet Stag in Rut