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Island Jumping in a Jet Boat Looks Fun as Hell [VIDEO]

Hold on to your helmet, this guy just went island jumping on a jet boat!

Take out everything but the life jackets and the seat belt because there's an island out there that looks like a ski jump.

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While we don't suggest running right out and trying this nifty little trick, sit back and watch how this guy did it. Some lady sure got a kick out of it.

Caution: Some language NSFW


The jet boat wasn't exactly invented for this particular reason, but boy am I glad somebody was brave enough to try it. I noticed that the guy was wearing a helmet and rightly so.

Here's hoping that he pulled up, got out, and sat down for a nice shore lunch with his friends. Certainly this is not recommended for anyone to try. Maybe this guy is a professional, maybe not. In any event, take care not to push your limits while out in your boat enjoying the day.

Have you ever seen someone do this in a their boat?



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Island Jumping in a Jet Boat Looks Fun as Hell [VIDEO]