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ISIS Member Teaching Beheading Class Gets Shot in Head By SAS Sniper

Learn more about this incredible story about the demise of an ISIS member that sounds like it came directly from a Hollywood script.

They say that karma is a, well I'm pretty sure we all know the rest of that one. It couldn't have been any more accurate than in this story about the elimination of a notorious ISIS member by an SAS sniper.

The sniper was operating with more than a dozen other SAS soldiers outside a small village in northern Syria.

That village was the site that the now-deceased ISIS member was holding a class for 20 other jihadists on how to decapitate captured victims. It was during that class that the SAS sniper sent his first round down range. That first round was all it took as it made contact with the target's head which was immediately separated from the body of the ISIS member.

It is reported that the decapitated ISIS member had his arm raised in a cutting motion at the moment the bullet impacted. The 20 other jihadists taking part in the drill could only look on in terror as their leader's head ceased to exist.

Once the shock of the incident wore off, all 20 jihadists took off running in panic and fear and have reportedly deserted the jihadi cause.

"We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet," said a military insider according to the Daily Mail.

The SAS strike team that the sniper was a part of had set up in the area 12 hours prior to the shot being fired. According to reports, two four-man teams crept into a jihadi compound to set up for the shot. Both teams were being backed up by another 12 man unit of SAS commandos for extraction in case things went south.

The SAS sniper was using a suppressed Dan .338 rifle and fired the killing shot at a range of 4,000 feet. He had to hold over a foot of windage for his shot to hit the intended target, but the windy conditions didn't affect his accuracy at all. That becomes even more impressive with the knowledge that he was using a bullet specially designed to fly through the air and cause more on-target damage.

It was thought that it would take two shots to take out the ISIS member, but the sniper only needed one. The member of ISIS that was eliminated was known as the local executioner of the area and was a feared ISIS recruiter. The bearded man, also known by the name Dash, made himself an easy target due to wearing white robes instead of the usual black worn by ISIS jihadists.

"He was an extremely sadistic and ruthless individual, feared by the locals and the jihadis alike," one Daily Express source said.

The world is undoubtedly a slightly better place now that the SAS sniper's mission was a success. This story might sound like something you'd see in a movie, especially with the irony of it, but it actually happened and the world now has one less terrorist to worry about.



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ISIS Member Teaching Beheading Class Gets Shot in Head By SAS Sniper