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Is This the Worst Duck Dog Alive?

duck dog

I am no dog expert, but I’m afraid this is no duck dog.

Man’s best friend and a vital part of many families, a dog can be among the greatest hunting buddies. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say this dog here is no duck dog.

It’s an amusing video for sure, as some type of black-colored duck strategically changes his route in an attempt to chase the dog around the rock. The dog wants no part of it and will leave you with a smile.

If there were ever way to find out if your dog is cut out for the duck blind, this might just be it.

Now, obviously this is no reflection of how great a hunting buddy this dog could be, but nevertheless, it is a funny video.

It’s pretty cool to see two animals interact like that and interesting to think what’s going on in their heads.

But, if this guy ever plans on hunting with this dog, there will need to be some training involved. First step: you chase the duck; don’t let the duck chase you!

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Is This the Worst Duck Dog Alive?