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Is This the Most Dedicated Fisherman You've Ever Seen?


Dedicated or just plain crazy?! This man goes the extra mile for a fish dinner!

We've all pushed the limits when it comes to catching fish. Braving inclement weather or fishing well into dark are probably as 'crazy' it has gotten for me. Then there's this guy. When it comes to pushing the envelope for a fish, the award is all his.

A South African real estate agent by the name of Grant Campbell received a big shock last week while out in his boat fishing. Randomly, and more than 2 km's out in the vast Indian Ocean, he spots another fisherman - but this one is using a tire for a 'boat' and a pair of fluorescent flippers as a 'motor.' Fishing for his dinner, he is simply dangling a line over the side of his makeshift boat.

Campbell posted the following images on Facebook:


The images definitely tell the story. How you would even know which way back to shore is beyond me! Nice to read that Campbell took pity on the man and shared some of his day's catch.

This region has a history for shark attacks, which makes this fishing foray even more of a head scratcher.

Dedication or craziness? I'll let you be the judge.


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Is This the Most Dedicated Fisherman You've Ever Seen?