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Is the Silky Sugowaza the Right Camping Saw for You?

Here’s why this guy thinks the Silky Sugowaza might be the best outdoor adventure saw ever.

Every hunter knows that having the right tools and can make all the difference, and the Silky Sugowaza might be something you want in you arsenal. 

Watch this gear review of the Silky Sugowaza and see how it is used in both hunting and camping situations.

This saw’s lightweight, just over a pound inside its sheath, and portability make it an excellent tool to bring if no matter what the size of your pack. Plated with chrome and made with a sweep, the blade on this saw is less prone to rust and makes cutting up timber a simple and quick process.

Did you see how well the saw cut through that thick oak log? Not only did it make a short amount of time, but it make a very smooth cut.

After watching this video the applicability of the Silky Sugowaza is apparent, because this saw is portable and powerful. Next time you’re looking for a tool to help you cut timber for a fire or trim logs to make a shelter consider the Silky Sugowaza.


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Is the Silky Sugowaza the Right Camping Saw for You?