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Is the Lunkerhunt Link Really Going to Work?

With ICAST approaching, companies are betting on whether or not their new product will revolutionize fishing like they claim.

'Tis the Season for new fishing tackle. Each summer companies unveil fishing lures that they hope stand apart from the rest. One such product is the Lunkerhunt Link, which is actually two topwaters in one.

The two sections are joined together and said to add more action.  Honestly, it does have a great look and will no doubt entice some fish. Another reason it might work is because it looks like two baitfish scrambling away from a predator.

See the video and decide for yourself.

However, the idea is not new.  A lure with a cult following is the original Storm Chug Bug and the double version is even more in demand. Since it is so rare, the bait usually fetches around $50 on eBay.


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Is the Lunkerhunt Link Really Going to Work?