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Is That a Great White in an Australian Lake?

great white

You wouldn’t expect to find a shark in a lake, let alone a Great White.

But it seems that happened to an angler in Australia on December 4. Watch the video and see what you think!

Okay, it was kind of a rhetorical question. Of course it’s a Great White. A scientist looked at the videos and photos and was almost certain it’s a big white shark, more than 9 feet long.

The question was also a teeny bit misleading.

Yes, that shark was in a lake in Australia. Lake Macquarie off Wangi Wangi in New South Wales to be exact.

However, it isn’t a lake like most of us in the United States would picture.

Lake Macquarie is technically a saltwater lagoon or estuary. Land does separate the lake from the Pacific Ocean, but it’s a very narrow strip. Also, the Swansea Channel connects the bodies of water.

Experts say that sharks don’t usually live in a body of water like Lake Macquarie. However, Great White shark sightings have gone up on the lake in recent years.

Dean Grant, the man who spotted and filmed the shark, says he used to ski behind boats on the lake when he was a child. Those days are over.

“It’s got me beat why no one’s been bitten,” Grant says. “I won’t get bitten because I won’t go in anymore.”


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Is That a Great White in an Australian Lake?