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Is Professional Bass Fishing a Joke?


Is professional bass fishing really all it's cracked up to be?

Professional angler Fat Cat Newton sounds off in this video, mocking an epic rant about the most common derogatory comments heard from professional bass fishing "haters".

As a general rule, you shouldn't take anyone too seriously that starts their video out by attaching an air pump to the grease valve on a wheel to inflate a tire that isn't there. Also, bear in mind that I'm a very passionate outdoorsman from the heart of the Dixie, and bass fishing has been part of my life as long as I've been able to walk and hold a fishing pole. I'm not by any means a "professional bass angler." At times, I even have to side with the ridiculousness of the concept of professional bass angling as a sport.

I'm a pretty middle ground kind of guy. I've witnessed the civil war between fish fry harvesters with the attitude of "Big or small, kill 'em all!" and professional bass anglers that preach catch and release as if it was a religious belief. I practice CPR (Catch, Photo, Release), but as a recreational angler, I do it on the spot. At times I feel like it's detrimental to the fishery to be hauling the biggest fish from the area around in a livewell, jumping chop water going 70 miles an hour, only to get to the weigh in and manhandle them a second time, before dropping them exhausted and disoriented into an unfamiliar place nowhere near their resident areas where they might have been spawning or feeding.

Having gotten my own personal rant out of the way, I still don't quite see the point in being a "hater." It makes less sense that professional bass fishing. These tournament trails have their place in advocating for better fisheries and producing economic opportunities, often in rural, poverty stricken areas where it can potentially bring momentary financial relief to the community. On top of that, some of the more successful anglers get to fish for a living while the rest of us have to keep our day jobs, and I think that bothers the "haters."

What do you think?


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Is Professional Bass Fishing a Joke?