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Is Michael Waddell Right About the Hunting Industry?

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Michael Waddell is against portraying a hunter as a macho warrior or a supermodel huntress. Where do you stand?

Recently Michael Waddell put out a video in regards to a question he received at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. The question was, "What does it take to make it in the hunting industry?"

The Bone Collector answered that question in the video but went on to question the hunting industry's latest marketing strategy. In his opinion, the hunting industry portrays hunters as super macho warriors who are dressed more for war than hunting. He questions a commercial touting a 105-pound supermodel who crosses a raging river in freezing weather, all with a moose rack strapped to her back.

Waddell points out that the photo shoots are often more dangerous than the hunt itself. He made this video to make a point: the point is that what are seeing on commercials and in advertising is not what hunting is about; hunting is for everybody. If your fat, skinny, gorgeous, not-so-gorgeous, rich, or poor you can enjoy hunting. He goes on to say that God's renewable resource if for everybody to enjoy.

Many of today's hunting industry leaders may agree with Michael Waddell publicly, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Supermodels and macho men in a commercial or advertising, get more attention. There is a picture circulating through social media that has a gorgeous brunette at full draw. She is shooting with all the fingers on her right hand wrapped around the arrow, the bow is upside down, and her left hand has the arrow trapped against the riser. Hardcore bow hunters notice this right away, but many casual hunters will not.

Michael Waddell pulls no punches in his video. He mentions that the video will step on the toes of many celebrity hunters. Where do you stand on these ads, are you on board with Michael Waddell or is this a non-issue? Let us know!


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Is Michael Waddell Right About the Hunting Industry?