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IRIS, the World's First Hunter-Safety Detection Technology, Premiers at SHOT Show 2015 [VIDEO]

Hunter Safety Lab premiers IRIS, the world's first hunter-safety detection technology at SHOT Show 2015.

The founders of Hunter Safety Lab, a company based in New Zealand, have created the first ever hunter-safety detection system with their infrared retroreflector identification system or IRIS.

Recently awarded the Supreme Award for Best Product and the 2014 New Zealand Design Industry awards, IRIS works by clamping a sensor to your rifle scope or shotgun barrel to detect special IRIS patches attached to clothing. When a patch is detected, the sensor warns the hunter both audibly and visually.

In a company news release, co-founder Michael Scott said "It's about being extra safe for the sake of yourself and the people you hunt with."

Check out this demo, from the Hunter Safety Lab YouTube channel, to see IRIS in action.


Michael goes on to say that "Even if IRIS prevents just one hunter from being shot and killed, it'll be worth it."

There are hundreds of hunting accidents a year. In two-thirds the victim is shot by someone in their party, and about half of the victims are wearing blaze orange for visibility. Often times the shooter is an responsible experienced hunter.

In the heat of the moment, our brains can trick us to believing we have a clear shot at out intended target. IRIS does not replace human judgment, but can prevent and accident when a hunter is convinced they have targeted an animal.

IRIS uses a laser that is completely invisible to humans and animals, doesn't need to be sighted in and will run for 100 hours on a single AA lithium battery.

"There is no downside. If you hunt with people, IRIS is an absolute no-brainer," said the co-founder.

IRIS will be sold in a kit containing the IRIS sensor, an IRIS-detectable vest, scope mount, and accessory patches for $399.

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IRIS, the World's First Hunter-Safety Detection Technology, Premiers at SHOT Show 2015 [VIDEO]