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iPhone 5C Thwarts Shotgun Blast Police

Need an iPhone to save your life from a shotgun? Apparently there is an app for that!

While probably not part of the usual battery of tests that Apple puts its iPhone 5C through, a 25-year-old Cheshire, England man has the handheld cellphone to thank for saving his life.

Daniel Kennedy got into a fight with Ryan Duggan over having his water shut off as a prank.

Duggan took off down a footpath and Kennedy followed. After a short chase ensued, Duggan stopped, turned and pulled out a sawed-off over and under shotgun and let Kennedy have it from one barrel at a distance of five feet.

Kennedy fell to the ground and Duggan ran off. Kennedy managed to get himself to a nearby apartment building where he called for help.

In looking around the around later, police found the cellphone that fell out of Kennedy’s pocket. The iPhone had taken most of the blast of birdshot from the shotgun, and essentially saved Kennedy’s life. The top of the phone had a huge dent where the birdshot impacted and stopped the pellets from getting to a vital organ or artery. The shotgun was also found in the area under a bush with the spent shell still in the chamber. Police

Apple may want this phone back to show how rugged the 5C really is. While this is probably not how they wanted the destructibility tested, this is just a testament to the craftsmanship of the phone, and just another example of how being prepared can save your life. Apple could even consider adding “bulletproof” to the list of features of the phone!

In all honesty, this young man was very lucky that his phone stopped the pellets from hitting him in the body and hitting a major artery or vessel. By shortening the barrels on the shotgun, the birdshot would have started to spread out almost immediately after it left the muzzle of the shotgun. Because of the distance between the shooter and the victim, the shot didn’t have time to spread and stayed in a tight group, proven in the images of the phone. Had he been farther back, the pattern would have opened more and could have cause way more damage.

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iPhone 5C Thwarts Shotgun Blast