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Iowa Woman Lands Giant Muskie

woman with giant muskie

Nicole Steen lands a massive muskie on Clear Lake.

The morning started out slowly for 22-year-old Nicole Steen. She was out fishing Clear Lake, Iowa with her boyfriend and guide Alex Templeton. After almost five hours and with little luck, Steen’s pole started doing the big fish dance in the boat, thanks to a giant muskie.

Steen has fished all her life. It wasn’t until recently, however, when she started dating Templeton, that she got into hooking larger species like Muskies.

According to a Globe Gazette interview, Templeton said the fish measured 38.5″ and tipped the scale at 20 pounds.

This isn’t the only large fish caught recently in the area. Lakes in Northern Iowa have been producing some giant fish this year. Check out this unbelievable 47 pound behemoth muskie or this rare striped pike, both of which came from Spirit Lake in the Northwest corner of the state this year.

After netting the fish and capturing proof of the catch with a quick picture, the pair returned the finned beast to the water.

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Iowa Woman Lands Giant Muskie