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Iowa Senate Moves Forward with Suppressor Legalization

Des Moines Register

House File 2279, Iowa’s bill to legalize suppressors, has passed the State Senate.

Following the House’s acceptance of the bill, Iowa’s Senata accepted and amended the bill to legalize gun suppressors in the state. It’s a victory for Second Amendment activists in the state who have been fighting for the change.

While opponents of the legalization of suppressors believe that sport shooters should simply use ear plugs, the central driving force of the suppressor legalization is so that shooters’ hearing will be protected.

Currently, “Iowa law says that a device specifically constructed to silence, muffle or suppress sound is considered an offensive weapon. The bill strikes that provisions, making a firearm suppressor legal to possess in Iowa,” as reported by the Des Moines Register.

The bill will return to the House for consideration following the Senate’s amendments.



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Iowa Senate Moves Forward with Suppressor Legalization