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Iowa Ponders Another City Limit Hunting Allowance

There may be new city limit hunting allowed in Iowa.

According to, Mason City, Iowa is considering allowing hunters to shoot deer with bows inside the city limits.

Council members are reportedly open to the idea after the increased size in the city’s deer herd, as well as reports of damage done to property.

Up to 18 other cities in Iowa already have rules in place that regulate but allow bowhunting within the city.

This raises a unique question: how safe are bows and crossbows, and how can one of the truest objectives of deer hunting, herd management, be incorporated into city regulations?

If done safely by only those who have passed required hunter education courses, bowhunting seems like a perfectly reasonable way to take care of nuisance deer. Everything connected to it, from the funds earned via hunting licenses, to the increased experience of a city government with hunting’s heritage and value, can be pointed to as a positive.

On the other hand, there are legitimate concerns about how and when hunters would be able to harvest deer within city limits of Mason City or any town. Bows and crossbows are weapons, capable of the worst, and pose a honest threat to the well being of people and animals in public or private places.

So we ask you: what do you think about the recent moves to allow hunting in city limits? What are the regulations in your area, and have you ever hunted in a town with such rules?

Let us know what your thoughts below.

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Iowa Ponders Another City Limit Hunting Allowance