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Iowa Hunting Guide on Probation for Poaching Grizzly Bear


An Iowa deer guide was sentenced to three years probation for poaching a grizzly bear, among other illegally taken game.

Iowa deer guide Brenton Clark plead guilty Monday to multiple counts of poaching, unlawfully transporting, and possession of wild game. He was sentenced by a federal judge to three years probation.

Investigations into Clark and his guide business, Southeast Iowa Outfitters, began in 2012 after conservation officers received a tip from a North Carolina hunter who believed Clark was breaking some laws after visiting his lodge.

In 2013, a raid was conducted on his hunting lodge where the Alaskan grizzly bear was discovered on display along with other illegally taken game, all of which were immediately confiscated.

Clark was also found to be have illegally purchased and filled other hunter's deer tags.

Clark reached a plea deal in June that dropped the charges to two misdemeanors after admitting to shooting the grizzly bear back in 2010 without a license or tags, as well as a black bear that was also on display.

U.S. Chief District Judge John Jarvey sentenced Clark to 120 days of house arrest and 80 hours of community service followed by three years of probation.

Under his probation, Clark cannot guide hunts or possess firearms of any kind.

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Iowa Hunting Guide on Probation for Poaching Grizzly Bear