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An Introspective on Angler Mark Engler: A True Guide's Guide [VIDEO]

Being passionate about angling is not indicative of the amount of fish you catch. For Mark Engler, fishing is his life.

What makes a fishing legend? Is it magazine covers, sponsorship deals, or starring in your own TV show?

Although you may not have heard of him, Mark Engler is a fishing legend. The kind that you and I would aspire to.

The stunning visuals of this clip reveal Engler's playground in all of its glory. It is a story worth the listen.

Guiding clients for decades in Colorado and New Mexico, Engler - sometimes crusty, but angling-educated beyond years - is a fly fishing aficionado. He is also a trail blazer and a mentor. He's your favorite guide's favorite guide.

Engler says, "I've caught a lot of them, I've caught thousands of those fish. But even after that many fish I still get the shakes. That's why I keep fishing for them."

When his mentee first found him at a bar, wearing that intimidating mullet he had in 2007, he could tell there was something electric about him.

This, my friends, is what passion looks and sounds like.

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An Introspective on Angler Mark Engler: A True Guide's Guide [VIDEO]