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An Easy Introduction to Using MOLLE Attachments


If you have ever wondered exactly what MOLLE pouches are or how they work, look no further. 

Have you ever purchased a bag that has a crisscrossed pattern of nylon straps sewn to it and wondered what it was? No its not a fashion statement, but part of the MOLLE system.

MOLLE was first introduced in 1997 as a way to allow soldiers to quickly and easily modify their packs to best suit their needs in the field. While the system was first ridiculed, they are now used worldwide from NATO forces to the average Joe's EDC bag.

If you are wondering how to actually put those straps to use to customize your bag check out this quick video from 5.11 Tactical. They cover the basics on exactly what MOLLE is and how to install them.

I personally love MOLLE pouches. I use them on just about every pack I own from my range bag all the way to the small pouch I wear on my hip for my EDC gear for work.

My favorite use for them is on my bushcraft/hiking pack. It makes it really easy to adjust my pack from day hike to few day trip without having to unpack gear around to different bags all the time.

MOLLE pouches come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and specialty holders. They can be picked up pretty cheaply used from military surplus stores or purchased new from places such as 5.11 Tactical's online store.


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An Easy Introduction to Using MOLLE Attachments