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The Strangest Introduction to Turkey Hunting

I never thought I would be interested in turkey hunting.

After all I am big game kind of girl; why in the world would I want to hunt a goofy looking bird?

My husband had been trying for a while to talk me into it, and I just wasn’t going to budge. Birds were not my thing, period, end of story!

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About the AuthorOur newest Wide Open Spaces contributor is Charisa Argys, who was at the center of a viral hunting photo. Read about her experience here: Female Hunter Faces Online Harassment When Trophy Photo Goes Viral [VIDEO]

“Oh it will be fun,” he said, “it’s not like bird hunting this is different.” My husband is a former drill instructor, so when he says something he means business. There is no messing around, and let me tell you, you do not want to take a butt chewing from him, ever.

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The first day he talked me into going I knew I had to sit perfectly still and not make a sound. I sat on the cold, uncomfortable ground for what seemed like days. Every muscle in my body seemed to begin to ache one at a time. Parts of my body started to fall asleep that I had no idea could fall asleep, but all the while I sat completely still.

The weather was still reasonably cold and I had not dressed warm enough. I knew that I was going to move or make a noise and blow the hunt and I was going to take that butt chewing for sure!

I kept hearing noises that I knew had to be a turkey. There were clucks and crashes and I knew for sure they were coming in.

All of the sudden I heard my husband screaming as if a bear had snuck up on us from behind and at the same time I heard a loud screech. I turned my head quickly to see a squirrel running for dear life!

Apparently our attacker was a very brave little fox squirrel that had performed a super secret ninja sneak attack on my husband and scared the bejezzus out of him. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I knew, after that, there were no birds that would come within miles of us.


I decided at that point turkey hunting wasn’t bad and I would keep going if for nothing else than to witness a brave squirrel put the sneak attack on my husband.

I have been hunting turkeys now for four years with no luck. I have gotten up early after being up half of the night with kids, sat completely still while in uncomfortable agonizing positions, only to be skunked every year.

But the thrill of calling one in and listening to them gobble keeps me coming back every season. We have a new plan this year, having learned from our mistakes, and I am sure hoping this is the year we get that elusive gobbler.

Happy hunting and I wish you all luck on your turkey adventures.


Photos courtesy Charisa Argys

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The Strangest Introduction to Turkey Hunting