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Introducing the John Wayne Colt .45 Tribute Pistol from America Remembers [PICS]

America Remembers and John Wayne Enterprises present the 24-karat gold, working model Colt .45 tribute pistol.

To remember one of our greatest Americans and legendary Hollywood icons, John Wayne, America Remembers, with the distinguished authorization of John Wayne Enterprises, put together a classic government issue Colt .45 service pistol.

Inlaid with 24-karat gold and polished nickel, this working pistol gives great respect to an American legend: John Wayne.


The Colt .45 was developed by gun-making legend John Moses Browning and remains one of the most revered and respected weapons in the world of military firearms.

On the left slide, next to the nickel and blued background is an image of the “Duke” in some of his most cherished roles as an actor along with some of his most famous quotes, like “A man’s got to do…what a man’s got to do.”

On the right is an image of the actor in one of his most celebrated roles along with the liberty bell, his signature, and maybe one of his greatest quotes ever:

“The American flag… the best flag God gave to any country”


With only 3,500 of these .45 pistols being built, reservations must be made.

With that in mind, the buyer may want to include a custom display case to store and show off this amazing and luxurious weapon.

Just for review, this is a limited edition government model Colt .45 ACP with a five inch barrel and rosewood grips available for the first 3,500 requests only.

Now, the answer to the question of the day: retail at $2,295.

All Pictures via America Remembers

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Introducing the John Wayne Colt .45 Tribute Pistol from America Remembers [PICS]