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Introducing a New Duck Dog to Water

Introducing a new duck dog to water should be carefully staged so your hunting buddy takes to it like a duck to water.

Get some great pointers on introducing a new duck dog to water from the useful tips in this video.

When starting out with that new retriever, you want to do it right and in a graduated manner, and the video will show you how.

Those were some great points on how to introduce your new hunting buddy to water.

Start with water that is not too cold, let the dog play around a bit to acclimatize, then start shallow water training with very simple and short retrieves with a bumper.

The other big reminder is to bring your patience and keep realistic expectations on progression. I have to admit, I don't have a wealth of patience, so when I trained my two retrievers it took a lot of effort not to rush the training; if you do rush you can actually make the training session a detrimental experience for the dog.

Like all good things, getting your new duck dog to retrieve in water is all about consistency and continuous training. Make each session fun for the dog and they will think of it as play and if you get stumped don't be afraid to consult a pro trainer. Like me, you may not want dogs that are champion retrievers, you just want competent and steady gun dogs, something that is very achievable with time and patience.


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Introducing a New Duck Dog to Water